Bioptic's Qsep100 DNA fragment analyzer can be applied extensively in genetic profile screening, restriction digested DNA, PCR production, synthesized oligonucleotides, characterization of plasmid conformation and purity, and genomic DNA, etc. Qsep100 DNA fragment analyzer powerfully combines both high sensitivity and high resolution for detecting and analyzing various ranges of DNA fragments at extremely low cost per sample run. It only requires low amounts of sample volume to perform the assay, and can also detect with sensitivity as low as 0.1ng/ul. Qsep100 is able to distinguish up to the 2-5 bp difference where traditional agarose electrophoresis systems are not able to detect at such high resolution.

Figure 1 : The reproducibility study of DNA ladder analysis shows the high consistency of one sample in ten runs by Qsep100.

Figure 2 : The repeatability and reproducibility  of DNA ladder analysis shows high consistency result

 with the same sample analyzed in different dates by Qsep100.


Figure 3:  The experiment from Qsep100 shows cross contamination is not seen during multiple runs with 20 bp and 1000 bp markers.

Figure 4 : Qsep100 performs the comparison of multiple samples analysis all at once on gel view format.