Qsep400 Bio-Fragment Analyzer

Specification System Type 4 Channel System
Detection Fluorescence Automated Sampling 1~96 samples
Light Source LED Disposable Gel-Cartridge
(100 to 300 sample capacity without gel preparation)
Four Channel: S1, S2, F3, N1,R1
Separation Voltage 1~15 KV Rapid Analysis 2~7 min/4 samples
Connection USB Resolution 1~4bp (Between 100~500bp)
Power Source AC 100-240V Sensitivity 5pg/μl
Maximum Power 60W Minimum Sample Volume 1μl (Micro-Vial:C104250)
20μl (standard PCR tube)
System Weight 26 kgs Sample Consumption ≤1pl
Dimension 54x40x36cm Software: Q-Analyzer Reletive qualitative and quantitative analysis
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