Ready-To-Use for Direct PCR
2X PCR Master Mix


2X DirectGOTM PreMix-CE is a premixed ready-to-use solution containing reaction buffer, dNTPs, loading dye, glycerol, PCR enhancers and Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase as 2-fold concentration. Comparing with conventional Taq polymerase, DirectGOTM Taq prevents non-specific amplification due to mispriming and/or formation of primer dimers before thermal cycling, and it also possess 2X faster elongation rate than conventional Taq. The polymerase activity is restored during the initial denaturation step when amplification reactions are heated at 94-95°C for ten minutes. In addition, 2X DirectGOTM PreMix-CE is suitable for PCR amplification directly from whole blood, and samples from cell lines or tissues. You may skip any prior DNA purification steps, only applying a tiny amount of raw material directly into the PCR reaction, running in a PCR machine, and directly loading into an agarose gel for electrophoresis. 2X DirectGOTM PreMix-CE is a powerful tool for DNA analysis because of its specificity and quickly.